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Visit Corsica with our Bed and Breakfasts

Visit Corsica with our Bed and Breakfasts


So as to make your bearings easier, we divided Corsica into 8 micro-regons, from North to South, each more beautiful than the last.
What do you think about discovering them all ?

The region of the Grand Bastia

Bastia deserves your attention
As it is dotted with several baroque churches where the marble sculptures mix with purple and golden paintings in trompe l'oeil, Bastia has an important cultural heritage you might want to discover through its ancient town and narrow streets. At the end of the day, or at anytime, if you want to grab a coffee or just immerse yourself in a typical Corsican meeting point, you should go to Saint-Nicolas square.

The region of the Balagne

A wealthy valley deserving your visit
Surrounded by huge wild zones, almost all arid and centenary olive trees, the region of Balagne seems to be sitting apart from the other Corsican regions. Its wild coasts delicately open onto white sand dunes as well as cristal sea beaches, each more beautiful than the last.
During your visit, this region formerly nicknamed 'The Garden of Corsica' will offer you all its wealth.

The region of the Centre-Corse

The geographic heart of Corsica
Located right in the centre of the Natural and Regional Corsican Park, the region of Centre Corse offers the tourists a real breath of fresh air. Several hiking paths are available through pine forests, oak and chestnut groves. There are also several glacial cirques and many needles and high peaks such as Rotondo, Cinto and Monte d'Oro, each more impressive than the last. They surely will break your habits.
Don't forget the fishing sites in the mountain streams and the rivers (Golo, Tavignano).

The region of the Côte Orientale

Many bustling little beach resorts
Surrounded by huge fine sandy beaches with crystal clear sea, the region of the Côte Orientale is heaven on Earth for everyone when it's swimming time. However, the region has many attractive features as, in the hinterland, the visitors can observe agriculture and vineyards.
To admire all of that, lookout villages are perched on the mountains and offer the visitors an amazing view with very colorful landscapes.

The region of the Côte Ouest

A contrasted land
With its wonderful white sandy beaches and its green pine forests (Aïtone and Valdoniello) located near Evisa, the Côte Ouest is a real constrasted land within a 40km radius.
As for the Western facade, surely the most famous : with the reddening rocks of the Calanches de Piana the thrill seekers will be plased while the fishing lovers will be able to discover many gulfes and coves.

The region of the Grand Ajaccio

An amazing setting between the sea and the mountains
Mostly known for its majestuous 17km gulf soflty caught between the mountain, the region of the Grand Ajaccio can remind the visitors a huge seawater lake, hemmed with beaches and coves. At the end of the day, the colors are very powerful and look like a strong blaze.
At dawn, the region and its peaks are concealed with a blue-toned veil.
Not only is there this marine setting ! In the nearby valleys, there are many little charming villages surrounded by rocky ridges and maquis.

The region of the Grand Valinco

A verdurous valley offering a constant coolness
To get a breath of fresh air, this region that is scattered with oak trees, olive trees, sweet chestnuts and arbutus is the perfect destination. With thermal sources,several outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, horse-riding, river fishing, as well as sumptuous beaches, the visitors have multiple opportunities to discover the region as they like.

Everywhere in the mountains, in the heart of the olive trees, and overlooking the region, there are marvelling medieval villages with an authentic architecture.

The region of the Sud Corse

Soft mixes of landscapes made of marinas, coves and forests
The region of the Sud Corse will offer you authentic and varied views. Among them, the most breathtaking and probably most recognizable among all : Bonifacio. Perched on a cliff and dressed with a white limestone dress, the town is striking and disorientating.
As for the activities, several marine excursions are available as well as hiking possibilities that will guide you to the discovery of many mysteries in a contrasted region.

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